Solar panel theft in US – a reminder to check your insurance

We’re all used to seeing stories of lead and other metals of value being stolen from roofs, but solar panels?

Thieves recently broke into an American business and made off with between 200 and 300 panels on a stolen truck, prompting the Police to warn residents against purchasing ‘cheap panels’ and to check the credentials of the seller before handing over any cash.

It’s a worthwhile reminder that, here in the UK, if you’ve recently had solar panels installed or you’re thinking of having solar panels installed, then check the panels themselves as well as the installation costs of re-installation, are covered by your home insurance policy.

Solar panels are only a worthwhile financial investment if you get the full 25 year feed-in tariff use of them.

If you’ve qualified for a free solar panel installation, then check with your supplier whether they’re your or the companies responsibility to insure against theft and damage.

photo credit: us army environmental command

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