Solar may be booming in Britain but elsewhere….

Solar panel plans on hold

Britain may be enjoying a solar boom as more and more homeowners, fed up with recent energy price rises of up to 20%, have turned to renewable energy (and solar panels in particular) as an investment for the future as well as the present day.Solar panel manufacturers in Ontario were enjoying a similar boom with new manufacturing plants springing up in refurbished factories, to keep up with a growing demand from installers.All that seems to be on hold now and, according to a report in The Globe and Mail, many in the solar industry are fearful for their jobs and businesses.The problem seems to stem from the utility companies carrying out the final connection to the grid of solar installations.The approvals process has a severe back up, which is meaning installation companies are unable to complete and pay manufacturers.Despite some really generous tariff’s, if the situation can’t be resolved, many in the solar industry are fearing the worst.You can read the full article here. photo credit: carolien dekeersmaeker

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