Solar Installations more popular since Tariff furore

The recent FiT reductions have done nothing to quell homeowners appetite for installing solar.
And judging by the amount of new solar installers registering on the MCS accreditation website, homeowners will have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing a company for their installation.
The current High Court ruling that December’s tariff cuts were unlawful could open the way for a legal challenge, and if successful, a reversal of the cuts until the later review in April this year.
The Government has appealed against the ruling so nothing’s going to get sorted very quickly. However, installation prices have fallen considerably and a solar panel installation at the present tariff rate of 21p still represents a good deal for homeowners.
The 21p tariff rate is guaranteed until the 31st March 2012, when the full review is to be carried out.
It’s good news for homeowners and installation companies alike, as both can proceed for the next few months with confidence on what the return on their investment will likely be.
If you’ve been putting off enquiring about your own solar panel installation, ahead of the December review decision, then the time to act is now. During the last few weeks of the previous tariff, we saw many homeowners unable to go ahead with their own installations, due to lack of installers or lack of panel and inverter supplies by the installers.

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