Solar hot water tariffs – get ready.

You’re probably already aware of the Government’s tariffs for solar electricity generation, which a growing army of homeowners are installing and enjoying, but what about solar hot water generation?
For that, you need the Government’s RHI – Renewable Heat Incentives – which were announced this year and, in the case of domestic installations, will start earning tariff payments from October 2012.
Solar hot water (and other qualifying renewable heat sources) installed now (or after 15th July 2009) will be eligible for the tariffs starting next year, but only from the point of registration, so it’s important to get organised and have everything in place to claim as quickly as possible.
Reports suggest tariff rates will be around 18p per kWh generated and like the renewable electricity tariffs, will be linked to inflation.
Homeowners will have to have loft and cavity wall insulation (where applicable) already installed to qualify and it’s thought that, whilst heat can’t be measured like electricity, likely generation figures will be based on the amount of energy needed to heat the home and water, depending on your home’s age, size and construction.
Don’t forget in addition to solar hot water panels, other renewable heat sources are included in the proposed tariffs including biomass, ground and air source heat pumps.
For homeowners, the opportunity to cut a major energy bill – heating domestic water – is a considerable inducement, given the latest energy price rises, many of which will start taking effect from this October (2011).
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