Solar hot water incentives and underfloor heating

If you’re thinking of installing underfloor heating as part of a new build, extension or renovation, then you shouldn’t neglect solar hot water to power it.
Government incentive tariff’s (similar to the current Feed-in Tariff’s for photovoltaic electricity generating panels) will start paying out next year, with some pilot scheme and installation incentives already being trialled in the Governments Green Deal.
Underfloor heating runs on lower water temperatures than traditional central heating and when coupled with ground or air source heat pumps (both also eligible for tariff payments under the proposed ‘Green Deal’) or solar hot water panels, can make a real difference to your energy bills.
And many homeowners are now prepared to spend a little extra in return for a heating system that is not only highly efficient, but has lower running and servicing costs.
Whether you’re thinking of heating the whole of your downstairs, or you’re just thinking about one room – a garage conversion for example – especially where it may be difficult to include your present heating system, then underfloor heating may be for you.
photo credit: emilian robert viol
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