Solar Hot Water Heating Panels – need a little incentive?

solar hot water heating panels could power your jacuzzi
If you missed it earlier, then it’s not only photovoltaic solar panel installations that should be able to qualify for the recently started feed-in tariffs.

For homeowners who install solar hot water heating panels, from April next year (2011), there will also be a renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme which will work in pretty much the same way as the feed-in tariffs with hopefully, homeowners being able to claim back part of their installation costs as well.

There’s some debate at the moment as to if people who’ve already installed solar hot water heating panels will be able to claim – how far back installations will qualify etc but if you haven’t already installed a solar hot water heating panel system on your home, then now be a very good time to start making enquiries.

Click here to read more about the RHI – Renewable Heat Incentive

One application of solar hot water heating panels is to use them to heat outdoor jacuzzi’s.

photo credit: diluvi

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