Solar hot water efficiency – it’s all in the installation.

People’s consumer champion Which has revealed the results of a an Energy Saving Trust trial into Solar Hot Water panel systems.

One of the key findings was that for maximum efficiency and return on investment, it was vital that the installation included:

Insulating pipes and tanks
Getting the right size system for your home’s requirements
Setting up pumps and timers correctly.

Whilst a correctly installed and used solar hot water system could provide up to 60% of a home’s hot water needs, a poor or incorrect installation could provide just 9%.

Read the Which report here.

Currently, although there’s no ‘payback tariff’ for solar hot water like the tariff’s for solar electricity, the Renewable Heat Premium scheme (which runs until 31st March 2012) is offering homeowners a £300 grant towards installing a solar hot water system.

photo credit: moonlightbulb

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