Solar companies – why the MCS Certified bit is so important.

If you’re gathering quotes for a solar panel installation on your property, you’ve probably seen MCS Certified mentioned but what does it mean and should you be worried if your using a company that isn’t MCS Certified?

MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme – It means the company can be trusted to properly, and safely, install your solar panel system and that the resulting completed installation will be eligible for any Government ‘tariff’ incentive payments.

The MCS is internationally recognised quality assurance accreditation – a bit like the Gas Safe scheme for Plumbers and Heating Engineers.

But what if you’ve already had an installation carried out by an installer who wasn’t accredited?

Fear not, all is not lost. There are several installation companies that will out-source the final microgeneration certification to an accredited member so even if your installation has come and gone, all you need to do is get a MCS accredited company to ‘sign-off’ your installation and you’ll be able to use that certificate to apply for the Government Tariffs.

This includes DIY self installed systems.

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