Snow will cause solar chaos

The widespread snow fall over the weekend hast certainly caused a siege mentality in many places – my own usual 25 min commute took nearly 2 hours on 2 buses and a mile or so walk.

Whilst the snow is fun if you’re not working or got to get anywhere, it’s a real pain for everyone else. That’s also true for solar panel installers, trying to get round all those pre-March 3rd deadline installations and the solar panels themselves.

Aside from total darkness, there’s only one thing that can really stop solar panels working and that’s a thick covering of snow over the top of them.

Thankfully, it looks like it’s thawing nicely so they’ll soon be clear, but if the covering looks like it might persists, and you’ve got the means to safely brush the snow off them, then you’ll find the bright sunny, but cold, days ideal generating weather.

The key phrase here is “safely”!! No over-reaching on unstable or un-fixed ladders please.

Oh and be careful what you use to clear the panels with – don’t damage the surface!

photo credit: russell trow

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