Smart meters – DECC’s smart reply on twitter

The Telegraph ran a story (read it here) stating that plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed had been shelved.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about smart meters with some claiming that they won’t deliver the savings that have been claimed. The whole project is going to cost £12 billion and you and I, the energy bill payers, will probably be funding some of that via our energy bills.

The argument is that smart meters will send usage data directly to the companies, putting an end to estimated bills. The meters will also allow homeowners to see how they’re using energy around the home and, hopefully, change their habits to save energy (and money).

The DECC replied, publicly on Twitter with: “Nothing has been shelved and there’s been no change to our smart meter plans” with a link back to the Telegraphs web page article.

So far, around 400,000 smart meters have been installed in UK homes (source Telegraph).

photo credit: steven depolo

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