Small Driveways – how to get a better deal?

Is One of the questions we’re often asked by homeowners who only want a new driveway or a resurface to accommodate one car.

They’re worried they won’t be offered the same discounts as a larger driveway project.

Whilst it’s true that much of the ‘bargaining room’ between homeowner and paving company can be dependent on the amount of materials needed for the job – more materials means larger discounts from the supplier – there are some ways you can increase the size of the job, without compromising the amount of garden area you’ve set aside.

So whilst you’ve got the paving companies interest, enquire about including pathways and steps to your home’s entrances or include a patio in the back garden within the job spec.

You’d be amazed just how much materials can go into a patio with the overall space usually taking up the same area as parking for one vehicle.

Access can be an issue with rear garden spaces so always discuss any concerns with the companies that you get quotes from. Whilst most paving machinery will fit through a standard ‘gateway’, access may call for greater creativity like via a neighbouring boundary.

This story first appeared in our Feb 7th homeowner newsletter.

photo credit: noah sussman

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