Shred & Donate – not your usual festive fund raiser

Came across this novel food bank ‘fund raising’ idea in America and just had to share it.

Basically, the way they were running it was ‘bring along a tub of paper documents you want shredding’ like personal data – bank statements and the like, and instead of paying for the secure shredding (which is recycled afterwards), donate a bag of food to their ‘food bank’ collection.

Obviously, it takes the participation of a professional shredding company (maybe one already visits your workplace?) but what a great way to raise money/supplies for a worthy cause.

I’m also thinking animal shelters that could recycle the shredded material for bedding perhaps, in return for pet food donations?

Anyway, a great idea to spread a little Christmas cheer and help the environment at the same time (not to mention the de-cluttering of your home).

Who says it has to be a Christmas only idea?

photo credit: zevotron

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