Selling Solar Panels – the way forward?

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News reached us from the Silicon Valley Mercury where a new model of selling solar panels has just attracted funding of $5 million from a venture capital “powerhouse”.

The idea is fairly straightforward – why consume vast amounts of time and effort visiting singular homeowners to advise on a solar panel installation when it’s far more cost effective to deliver the message to a whole community.

The idea gets more attractive to homeowners when you factor in that a group of residents signing up for an installation at the same time reduces their installation costs – panels and fitting can be booked/purchased with ‘bulk’ discounts, making the job cheaper for everyone concerned.

It also reduces waiting times for homeowners waiting to book a installation or a salesman’s visit.

It’s worth pointing out that according to Dave Llorens – the man behind the scheme – “solar customers often encourage friends to consider the technology as well”.

Read the full article on the Silicon Valley Mercury News website by clicking here. A model for the UK perhaps?

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