Selling a house with solar panels already installed

The housing market is certainly adapting to the latest home improvement – solar panels.

At least where conveyancing and the solicitors are concerned.

A colleague was intrigued to see a whole section dedicated to renewables that may be installed on the property you’re selling.

That’s fine if you own the panels outright – they’d be a great selling feature with their promise of cheaper energy and earnings from the feed-in tariff.

But what if the panels are part of a ‘free-installation’ scheme? You’ve potentially rented your roof out to a tenant, who’ll have certain rights of access for maintenance etc (you’d think anyway).

Anyone have any experience of selling their home that had a free solar installation on the roof. Did it complicate the sale, did it put a potential buyer off? We’d love to hear your views in our comments section below.

photo credit: thomas guest

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