Saving the Planet is good for your health

Spotted on Eureka Alert website

“Tackling climate change by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions will have major direct health benefits in addition to reducing the risk of climate change, especially in low-income countries, according to a series of six papers that appeared on Nov. 25 in the British journal The Lancet.”

the story goes onto quote one of the authors – Kirk R Smith, professor of global environmental health at the University of California, Berkeley, as saying…

“Policymakers need to know that if they exert their efforts in certain directions, they can obtain important public health benefits as well as climate benefits,” said Smith, who was the principal investigator in the United States for the overall research effort. “Climate change threatens us all, but its impact will likely be greatest on the poorest communities in every country. Thus, it has been called the most regressive tax in human history. Carefully choosing how we reduce greenhouse gas emissions will have the added benefit of reducing global health inequities.”

You can read the full report on ‘analyses showing global health benefits from cutting ozone and black carbon’ at Eureka Alert by clicking here.

photo credit: foxtongue

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