Save Great Chishill Windmill

During that Mother’s Day visit I told you about yesterday, I also learnt that Great Chishill’s famous landmark – a postmill (windmill that can swivel on a fixed post) – future is in doubt after the county council informed the parish council that the windmill was surplus to requirements and would be sold off.

One of only two in the whole of Cambridgeshire, the iconic windmill built in 1819, is a familiar landmark to old and new visitors.

The Royston Crow – the local town’s newspaper reported that the Grade 2 listed building had been placed on the Heritage at High Risk Register before being declared surplus.

And although the local parish council has been offered first refusal, it’s unlikely they’ll have the funds to purchase the historic structure.

It strikes me that with renewable energy in the news, could not these old and faithful servants of a bygone age be given life anew – providing cheap, plentiful energy from the wind?

photo credit: jon bennett

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