Rotting weather – taking care of or replacing your fascia and roofline with Upvc

Many homeowners regard fascia maintenance or replacement as a ‘Summer’ job but it’s a fact that fascia companies are keep pretty busy all year round. Only high winds that could threaten to blow fitters off ladders or scaffolding might delay a job.

If the first truly wet and windy weather of recent has given you cause for concern over the integrity of your roof’s fascia and guttering, then it’s certainly not to late to act. It’s definitely a case of prevention is better than cure.

Calling in a professional fascia replacement company means that not only are they equipped to replace your old fascia with new, low-maintenance upvc fascia boards and guttering, but they’re also able to replace any lower roof tile struts that have rotted and check under-felt at the edge of the roof is secure.

Replacing old fascia helps protect your home against developing leaks – leaks that could cause water to work its way through gaps and rotten wood under your roof’s felt, leaving it to egress into the decorated interior of your home.

There are two main types of upvc fascia installation – capping or complete removal.

Capping refers to when a formed upvc fascia panel is applied on top of existing wooden fascia. It’s generally only used where the existing timber is completely sound and rot free. Applied to timber that shows signs of rot will speed up the rotting process (by trapping in moisture) eventually making the fixings weak. Capping is tricky because it’s only when timber is removed that access is gained to the underside which will reveal if rot is present.

Complete removal refers to all previous fascia components being removed. This allows a closer inspection of the eaves felt (which can also rot and deteriorate) and where required, the felt can be replaced properly before the new fascia is installed.

Upvc fascia is available in all the standard colours of upvc windows – rosewood, oak etc so you could have your fascia matching a previous double glazing installation.

By having your fascia replaced, you’ll be investing in a product that doesn’t rot or suffer from flaking (like painted wood). You’ll save money and time in successive years by not having to constantly repaint wooden fascia, keeping your home looking good for longer.

Your property will also benefit should you decide to sell it in the future, by adding to the value of your home, from a prospective purchasers point of view, having your fascias replaced is just one less maintenance headache to think about.

Did you know? Most new homes are still built using timber fascias which, after a few years, will start to look in need of a re-paint so replacing fascia is not an improvement reserved solely for only older properties.

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