Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – What’s that?

Goodness gracious me! Before Feed-in tariffs are announced, headlines have started circulating about Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) for homeowners and micro-generators.

At present, Heat generated from renewable sources like solar hot water panels, ground source and air source heat pumps, biomass fuelled stoves etc accounts for only 0.6% of our total heat demand.

A figure that the Government needs to get up to 12% by 2020 to meet their binding EU renewable energy targets.

Unusually for such a scheme, it will be available across England, Scotland and Wales.

If your curiosity’s got, visit the Department of Energy & Climate Change website for more information – click here.

The scheme’s anticipated role-out date is 2011 – it will be interesting to see how that ties-in with feed-in tariffs which are aimed more at electrical generation through renewable sources and the savings homeowners can make on their everyday power usage.

The Energy Act (2008) paved the way for developing the scheme by addressing application issues like air quality and building regulations.

photo credit: zoetnet

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