Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff payments start.

“RHI pays you to reduce your carbon footprint”
Renewable Heat Incentive payments are now available to businesses and community generators across Britain in the first round of the Government’s heat tariff payment scheme.
Renewable heat sources qualifying include biomass boilers, solar thermal and heat pumps installed since 15th July 2009.
Tariffs at launch are 7.9p per kWh for biomass boilers, 8.5p per kWh for solar thermal and up to 4.5p per kWh for heat pumps.
The tariffs will be paid for a period of 20 years.
Delays to the launch of the scheme were due to compatibility issues with EU state aid rules.
Householders will also be able to apply in the 2nd phase of the RHI rollout – timing is yet to be confirmed but the industry believes it will be next October (2012).
The £860 million set aside to make the RHI payments will, according to Government sources, support 14,000 industrial installations by 2020 and 112,000 installation in the commercial and public sector.
Emission cuts will be in the region of 43 million tonnes of carbon by 2020 – that’s equivalent to the annual emissions of 19 typical gas power stations.
Details of how the energy will be metered and full tariff details can be found on the DECC website – click here.
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