Reasons to replace your uPVC double glazing

Believe it or not, a sizeable chunk of the double glazing market is for replacement replacement windows and doors. Although PVC windows have a considerably longer lifespan than the softwood windows they may have replaced, their life isn’t infinite and do need replacement eventually.

But it’s not all about wearing out. There are quite a few other reasons why people replace replacement windows and doors – and quite often well before their sell-by date has arrived:


If your uPVC windows have been in place for 3,4,5 years or more , it’s almost certain that the frame manufacturer has updated its profile to add more curves and more stylish joins. Woodgrain effect windows are now virtually indistinguishable from real wood from only a few paces.

Although it’s usually possible to find and replace loose and wobbly or tarnished and scratched handles, it isn’t alway possible – and the latest window furniture is also available with virtually indestructible finishes. uPVC frames become scratched over the years and as they do – they become even harder to clean and pick up dirt easier.

It’s even possible that your old windows have developed an interesting shade of pink or yellow over the years? This isn’t uncommon and it’s something that can only be cured by tearing them out and starting again.


Once upon a time the majority of window systems were designed with the glass sealed units installed and removed from the outside – what the industry calls ‘externally glazed’. In the early days of uPVC these systems weren’t as secure as they are nowadays, and there are more and more systems being sold with internal glazing.

Locks and bolts are a completely different proposition now to those fitted 10 years ago also. Ask your supplier about the “Secured by Design” standards and special locks that will withstand the most common forcing techniques.


New and ever-changing energy efficiency targets being placed upon window manufacturers mean that modern uPVC windows are likely to be much more energy efficient than older designs. Fuel isn’t cheap and replacing windows might seem like an expensive option, but it could be one that would pay for itself sooner than you think. Triple glazing and ‘designer-gas’ filled units are now available that weren’t a few years back.

As you can see there are numerous reasons to replace your old double glazing – and you can get a free, instant online quote for all your double glazing needs from

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