Re-mortgaging is a good time to review your home insurance.

Many homeowners will have taken the home insurance offered with their original mortgage but if you’re re-mortgaging (or moving home) then it’s the perfect time to explore alternative insurance quotes, which may ultimately save you money.
You’ll also find that shopping around offers you a chance to tailor the cover more towards your particular requirements e.g covering valuable smart phones and laptops outside the home etc.
Also, if you’re recently carried out a major home improvement like a new kitchen or bathroom – even a conservatory, then you’ll probably want to increase the amount insured on your buildings cover, to cover the extra value that now needs insuring.
It’s great when a home improvement adds monetary value to your property, but you won’t be so happy when an insurance pay-out doesn’t cover the cost of replacing your dream interior.
And if you’re fitting new windows or doors, then check whether certain security features of new windows or doors qualify for a discount off of your home insurance. It may be this one issue helps you decide which replacement window quote to take.
Moving home to a new area might mean you now find yourself living within a Neighbourhood Watch area. They’re not all ‘twitching curtains’ you now with many liaising directly with community police officers etc. Such schemes, might again, mean you qualify for a lower insurance premium.
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  1. Re-mortgaging is also a good time to consider home improvements, as you may be entitled to take out a loan against your home. This could enable you to make improvements such as adding new double glazing to make your home more energy efficient, or perhaps even adding a new conservatory.

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