Put a little Feng Shui into your bathroom

Put a little Feng Shui into your bathroom…

Feng Shui wisdom teaches that problems in life can easily be identified with problems in your bathroom – cash flow blockages, drained finances etc. Similarly, the location of your bathroom in your home can also have a negative effect on your wealth, however all is not lost!

For example, bathrooms located next to (or above) a front door, bathrooms on a second floor above a kitchen, bathrooms under the stairs and even bathrooms in the center of offices are all considered locations that can have a particularly negative effect. The idea being that Chi can drain away before it’s had chance to enter your home. Of course leaking plumbing (where ever the location) can have a draining effect.

So how can you encourage that good Chi stuff to hang around a bit longer when faced with a poorly positioned bathroom?

If your bathroom is in an important Feng Shui area, a full length mirror on the outside of the door can encourage wealth. A bowl of pebbles above the toilet (or on the cistern) and a black or red coloured rug at the base of the pedestal are all considered protective devices.

Smaller steps like keeping the toilet lid closed, placing plugs in sinks and showers all prevent Chi flowing away. If your bathroom is over the front door or kitchen, suggestions include hanging a faceted crystal in the center of the room, placing a round mirror on the ceiling directly above the toilet and placing earth type objects in the corners of the room will encourage positive Chi.

In general, the more faucets, sprays, water jets etc that a bathroom has, the more energy will be encouraged to travel in directions other than downwards. The larger a bathroom is, the more Feng Shui principles of colour and elements can be adopted.

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