Preparing for a New Arrival

Preparing for a new baby can be an awfully big adventure, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed at times by the amount of things you have to remember to sort out. You’ll be juggling cots, buggies, nappies and bottles in no time, and before you know it your bundle of joy will be crawling around and causing all sorts of trouble!

So, to help you out, we’ve put together some top Home Improvements Quotes tips to making sure your kitchen is ready for your little one.

  • Get Sharp Objects Out The Way. The Kitchen is likely to be the most dangerous room in the house, so it’s a great place to start childproofing. You need to make sure any sharp utensils such as knives have a safe home well away from small fingers – buy a sturdy knife block or a magnetic knife rack and keep it well out of reach.
  • Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. The days of storing your chemical cleaning products like bleach in an unlocked cupboard under the sink should be officially over – it’s time to either move them to a high cupboard (or a store room or garage) or lock that door up. Cupboard locks for children are a simple and effective solution to most problems – but they don’t last forever and sooner or later your child will learn to open them. Keep any potentially harmful chemicals in their original containers
  • Practice Safe Cooking. Even before your child arrives, it’s worth trying to cook as if they’re there. This means never leaving pan handles hanging over the edge of the surface, constantly tidying away cooking utensils you have been using, never leaving the kitchen unattended while cooking and never leaving the oven door open while it’s on.
  • Turn the hot water down. One often-missed danger is that the hot tap can reach scalding temperatures very quickly. Since young children’s skin is much more sensitive to heat, it’s worth turning the hot water temperature down a little at the boiler. This will also save a little energy.
  • Keep Everything Clean. Always clean up spill as soon as they happen clean up to avoid slips and stumbles, and clean up using anti-bacterial sprays and detergents after you cook.

The right approach to kitchen safety can keep your little Jamie of Nigella safe and happy. And if you’re thinking of having a new kitchen fitted, it’s worth talking over child safety with your kitchen designer

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