Pre-Tariff cut solar installation success stories

We’d just like to acknowledge the fantastic work, carried out by so many solar panel installers, over the last few weeks, to get installations completed before the FiT Tariff cut came into force on the 12th.

Figures from the MCS site suggest over 21,000 installations were registered in the last month – accreditation enquiries were coming so fast that extra staff were taken on to cope and the MCS website crashed due to so many people trying to access it last Thursday and Friday.

And it’s not been the calmest weather for installations either has it?

So well done everyone involved, but if you didn’t beat the tariff cuts deadline, then fear not.

The new tariff of 21p is still offering homeowners a return on their investment of between 5% and 10% according to the DECC and coupled with the price crashes in solar hardware, which installers are passing on to homeowners, means it’s still a great time to install Solar PV on your property.

Our network of solar installers has never grown so rapidly as demand from homeowners for quotes and installations continues to grow.

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photo credit: emily tan

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