Power showers use twice the water of a bath

That’s the shock finding in a new study by Unilever into household water usage.
The study researched over 2,600 showers across a 100 households – the results will challenge our pre-conceptions on water and energy conservation in the home.
During the study, researchers found that whilst the average bath uses 80 litres of water, taking a long shower or using a power shower can result in up to 136 litres of water being used.
To put that figure into context, for an average family of 4, that equals 200,000 litres of water a year at a cost of £918 in water and electricity use.
Non power showers, which use less water, and shorter showering times, resulted in an energy and water bill of just £416 a year.
What’s worrying is the fact that power showers currently make up 20% of the shower market and the number is increasing.
Unilever’s study concludes by pointing out that water usage, globally, has risen. It’s estimated an average person uses 30 litres or water a day more than we did in 1970.
So, if you’re remodelling the bathroom or en-suite, think carefully about the type of shower you install. Used sensibly, a non power shower will save more energy and water than a bath.
photo credit: hygiene matters

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