Potato peelings to provide power…

Spotted in The Times Online last week…

A former landfill company has started building an Anaerobic Digestion Plant, which when completed will generate enough electricity to power around 3,000 homes.

The plant being built in Scotland will take waste food from homes, hotels, restaurants and retailers in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It basically takes the gases produced by the rotting food and uses that to fuel a power plant. The power is then sold back to the National Grid.

“In the UK about 20 million tonnes of leftover food is thrown away every year. Anaerobic Digestion turns this waste into a high-quality fertiliser, whilst generating megawatts of renewable electricity”

Similar plants already operate in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Click here to ‘inwardly digest’ the full story on The Times Online website

photo credit: sam howzit

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