Plenty of interest in Free Solar Panel Installations

Free Solar Panel Installations


You might have thought the FiT (Feed-in Tariff) cuts in December had all but killed off any Free solar panel installation deals but you’d be wrong.

There are still companies around the UK offering free solar panels and installation in return for renting your roof space for the next 25 years.

The installation costs you nothing but you do benefit from the electricity they produce, so you should make savings on your electricity bill.

The free installation companies criteria for suitable properties means not all properties will be suitable, however if you’d like to find out if you might qualify, then visit our brand new ‘Quoter website – Free Solar Panel Quoter

An instant online guide to whether your home may be suitable for a free solar panel installation, where you get to keep the free electricity they generate for your own use!

photo credit: ken hawkins

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