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solar panel installation quotes from solar panel companies in the UK
Over at Renewable Energy (it took me 3 attempts to spell ‘renewable’ correctly then!), they highlighted how one renewable energy professional decided the time was right to install photovoltaic and hot water solar panel systems to his own house.

As the chap pointed out, with the imminent feed-in tariffs in the UK and the promise of the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) next April (2011), now was a very good time to do the installation.

He’s worked out his home’s power and hot water usage and installed a system that should provide for both, but probably won’t generate enough on a regular basis to put any back into the National Grid.

Even so, he’s looking at cost savings of £1500 a year from the electrical generating panels and the hot water system will have paid for itself in 12 years.

Not to mention the 1500kg/yr in CO2 emission cuts from the PV system and a further 360kg/yr cut from the hot water solar panel system.

It’s a well balanced article with the experience of one who sells and installs solar panel systems for a living, installing them onto his own home. Read the full article by clicking here.

If you’re tempted by the recent feed-in tariffs and renewable heat incentives, then the best place to start is by getting an online quote from the Home Improvement Quotes Network website – solar panel quoter.

After you’ve got your online price, if you request it, we can then match your requirements with our UK wide database of solar panel installers, rated with real homeowner feedback to help you make an informed decision on whether to use that company or not.

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