Patio door sticking or heavy to move? Show your patio doors some love on Valentine’s Day

If you’ve noticed your patio doors are getting harder and harder to slide open, then they may need a little TLC.

And what better day to do a few minutes maintenance than today?

All that’s probably happened is that debris from outside has blown around and got onto the track or roller mechanisms. Even dirt and sand deposits from heavy rain can affect the smooth opening operation of a patio door (or bi-fold door for that matter).

The solution is easy – using some soapy water and a sponge, rinse out the track and remove any debris visible around the rollers.

If you’re thinking of removing the door to access the roller mechanism yourself, take care as the units can be exceptionally heavy – don’t underestimate their weight.

Finish by drying off an applying a light lubricant and try opening and shutting the door a few times.

If the problems of sticking or heaviness continue, call your installation company for more advice.

A serious problem or defect may be covered under warranty.

photo credit: azzer cronin

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