Painting the exterior of your house

Painting the exterior of your home needn’t be a chore any more. Exterior painting and rendering technology has moved on with the latest coverings not only making your home look fresh, they actually act to inhibit mould and fungi as well as forming a tough weather-proof barrier to the elements.

The key to a successful and long lasting exterior painting of your home is in the preparation so it’s worth spending the time filling in any cracks or missing rendering / pebble-dashing as well as cleaning the old surface before applying the new coat.

Then there’s the balancing act atop ladders, coping with tight spaces and those hard to reach corners.

So small wonder that more and more home owners are turning to professional exterior rendering and decorating companies to come and complete the work for them.

A typical job involves cleaning down the surface, removing any flaking or damaged rendering or old coats of paint, before repairing as required. Then the area is masked off and finally, the new coating applied.

Did we mention that in many cases, not only is their a choice of colours, but also a choice of textures too.

Home Improvement Quotes has developed its own online rendering quote website – just enter a few address details, type in the approximate measurements of the surface to be rendered or painted and our clever website will generate an quote for you in seconds, giving you a rough expectation of cost.

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