One day, solar panels will be as common as upvc windows

Everybodys been getting very excited about solar panels and the feed-in tariffs that mean you’ll not only get your installation costs back, but plenty extra in return.

But the fact is that solar panel installations are still very much in the minority.

Take a look at the roofs the next time you walk down the street – typically, you won’t see many houses sporting solar panels on the roof or in the garden.

The truth is that despite the solar tariff subsidies, the bulk of households in the UK are oblivious to the fact that the tariffs even exist (although thanks to the recent furore, they’ve gained a bit of notoriety), and the benefits that a solar panel installation can bring.

I suspect the next round of energy bill increases will probably spur on a whole new following for renewable technology, but in the meantime, installation numbers are surely still in their infancy?

It was the same with upvc double glazing – remember when the first houses started sporting them on your street? Gradually, as those houses had visitors and the visiting friends and family saw first-hand the benefits and comfort the new windows bought did the idea of replacing your windows actually catch on.

Now, when you’re walking down the street, you don’t have to go many houses before you see one with ‘plastic windows’.

One day, it will be the same for solar panels.

One thought on “One day, solar panels will be as common as upvc windows”

  1. I agree I think solar panels will be very popular in the future, just like upvc was it came of age very quickly. UPVC windows has its place but solar panels have a very interesting future, especially with the way technology is evolving.

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