On yer bike to work! Cycling is more than green and lean transport

Ecosimply wrote about ‘7 serious benefits that will make you want to ride a bicycle’ and their opening paragraph certainly struck a chord with quite a few of us in the office.

You did used to look forward to getting a new bike – it really was the most anticipated event and once you’d got it, if you weren’t actually riding it around the village green or going off on ‘adventures’ to faraway villages and friends, then you’d probably raided your dad’s garage for his rusty tin of t-cut and were busy polishing those chrome rims to a dazzling shine.

I’m sure the comment may of you will come back with is lack of time, plus the weather etc but even if we used bicycles for leisure outings at the weekends – we’d be saving a bit and getting fit at the same time.

Last year, I even managed to cycle the 10 miles into work (and home) for a while – OK coming in was all downhill but after a long day at work, it wasn’t very appealing cycling the long slow upward return journey.

Still, I gave it a go and if were easier to freshen up etc once I’d got to work, then i’d have probably kept up the cycling a lot more.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s Ecosimply’s 7 serious benefits. For more details, why not visit their blog? – click here.

1) Biking doesn’t create air pollution.
2) Biking doesn’t make any other pollution either.
3) Biking burns calories.
4) Biking costs less.
5) Biking is enjoyable.
6) Biking can increase your mobility.
7) Biking is only becoming more popular.

photo credit: sidelong

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