Old Kitchen cupboards have a new lease of life

This article is actually about using the Autumn to tidy out the Garage after a hectic Summer of bikes, mowers and tools falling into dis-organisation through constant use.

It’ll make everything much easier to find, especially when there isn’t the usual sunlight to light up the darkest corners where hunting for that particular screwdriver takes on the hardship of a trek up the Amazon.

What I wanted to point out is that, whilst there are plenty of cheap shelving options, if you’ve recently had a new kitchen installed or you’re about to have a new kitchen installed, then being careful when pulling out the old units, wall cupboards and worktops can make a very useful addition to your garage.

Providing ample storage as well as a reasonable bench at which to work or store everyday items like engine oils and toolboxes.

Of course, after you’ve cleared all the accumulated junk and packaging that somehow always seems to collect in the garage, you might just get to thinking that really, there isn’t much in your garage at all.

If that’s the case, then why not think about converting your garage into an additional room for your home. Perhaps extending the kitchen, creating a dining area or cosy snug? These are all possible – even en-suite guest bedrooms with a little planning and the services of a good garage conversion company.

worth their weight in gold

A specialist garage conversion company will be worth their weight in gold for many reasons. For example, they’ll have come across many ‘design issues’ and be able to adapt your garage space in the most useful and practical way. They’ll also be qualified to construct the conversion to the latest building regulations so that if you should ever sell your property in the future, then you’ll have all the proper documentation to have the conversion included in the house particulars.

Having the conversion properly constructed includes insulation and ventilation issues, heating and electrics as well as how the room ‘attaches’ to your existing home, especially where you’re only converting one half of the garage. For example, most modern garages with a concrete floor will require the floor being dug up and the proper insulation materials laid down before the floor is re-laid to comply with the latest council planning and building regulations. It’s not just a matter of bricking up the garage door and inserting a window.

How things have gone full circle. We started talking about how old kitchen units make great garage storage and ended up discussing garage conversions. Wherever your garage clear-out takes you, the ‘Quoter family of websites can offer you instant online quotes (including for fitted kitchens and garage conversions) as well as showing you which local companies were rated the best by previous homeowners.

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