Npower customers can’t escape energy price rises

With 5 of the big 6 energy firms now having announced massive price rises – Npower announced rises of 15.7% for gas and 7.2% for electricity last week, only EDF customers are still smiling, but for how much longer?
Consumer groups reckon the latest price rises will be hard to swallow for hard pressed families, who only see massive profits being recorded by energy firms.
The energy companies have responded to such criticism by stating that they are having to invest billions of pounds in future energy.
With a typical duel-fuel tariff seeing price rises of 12.2% from October, Npower customers may well be thinking why the need for such rises too.
Whilst ‘good-deals’ may seem in short supply, it’s worth contacting your present energy provider and making sure you’re on the cheapest tariff you can be. Don’t forget relatively simple and cheap energy efficiency measures you carry out now – draught proofing and insulation – will all help come this Autumn.
In other Energy company news, British Gas announced it would be suspending door-to-door ‘sales’ visits for a 3 month period. Most complaints to energy companies come from  dubious claims and poor miss-selling by door step salesmen.
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