Noise impact assessments of wind farms out of date

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Environmental Protection UK – a charity which campaigns to reduce noise, air and land pollution claims the methods used to assess the impact of noise from wind farms need to be urgently updated to avoid wind farm proposals being rejected by planners.

“The group’s chief executive, Philip Mulligan, claimed that the information used in assessing noise impact was 13 years old and, as it was due for revision 11 years ago, did not take into account advances in wind farm technology, especially the size of turbines, and experience of the impact of turbines on the environment.

He claimed this has led to an “alternative version” of the rules, which diverges from the original guidance. This proves that the need for revision and could potentially lead to confusion and delay in planning inquiries, it said.”

We’ve already documented other reports of commercial renewable energy installations being refused planning – and how if Britain is to meet its carbon reduction targets, these objections must be overcome.

This piece is well worth a few minutes of your time. Click here to visit New Energy Focus website for the full article, which also quotes Energy Minister Lord Hunt.

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