My New Year’s Resolution is to…

I’m not normally in the habit of making New Year’s Resolutions – principally because I tend to forget what I promised myself and/or I get tempted by puddings.

However, after my shock electricity bill last month (and I know I’m not alone in this), I have promised myself to REALLY take note of any instances where I can save energy. Either through economy or changing my habits.

I’m also insulating like mad – stopping up the gaps and plugging the draughts.

If you’ve promised yourself something similar for 2012, then don’t forget to include a serious consideration of renewable energy installation on your home. Whether you’re tempted by the current Government feed-in tariffs for solar panel installations or you’re more intrigued by the renewable heat incentives and leaning towards a heat pump installation, then remember we’re here to help.

Happy New Year everyone – let’s make this the year we do change our habits and do something about those energy bills. Certainly before they rise again.

photo credit: brasstackthinking

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