Moving house? Don’t forget to…

I’ve moved house a couple of times now, but it always seems I forget to advise someone of a new address or forget to note a reading of some sort, so following my move last week, I thought it might be helpful to document who and when I informed of my new address.

Utilities: You’ll need to take meter readings of your electricity, gas and water meters the moment you move in (as well as keeping a record of a final reading of your old address when you moved out). Keep them safe for informing your energy provider (or the current provider for that property). It’s a little known fact that If you don’t know who the provider is, phoning one of the major suppliers will usually provide you with a contact number for the right provider.

Council tax: You’ll need to advise the local authority that you’ve moved in. Don’t forget if you’re a single occupier, there’s a discount!

TV Licence: Update them with your new address. Same goes for your digital provider e.g Sky.

Insurance: You’ll want to make sure your home and it’s contents are covered properly so don’t forget to inform your insurance company asap of the change of address. Cover won’t be effective until you contact them. A change of address can mean an increase or decrease in your premiums based on the postcode of the property you’ve moved to and it’s age, size and construction.

Don’t forget to update your car insurance as well. Again, the new address might mean an increase or decrease in premiums. Any other insurance like particular product cover – white goods, cameras, phone’s etc should also be informed asap.

Phone: If you’ve a landline, moving within the same dialling code area may mean you’ll get to keep your number. For mobile providers, they’ll also want to keep your records current, regardless of whether you use online billing or not.

Banks: Update any banks or investments / pensions / life assurances / premium bonds / credit card companies / store cards etc with your new contact details.

You’ll need to send off your driving licence and vehicle registration documents, notifying of your new address. Failing to do so could incur a fine.

and the more obscure….

Club memberships, schools and your personnel office at work – even magazine subscriptions. Cancelling the milk, papers and window cleaner (although the latter might appreciate you leaving his card in plain site for the new owners.

Finally, If you’re expecting cards on birthdays or at Christmas, then you’d better let family and friends know your new contact details as well.

photo credit: brian snelson

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