More Brown Field sites needed for solar

Farming UK reports that with solar having the potential to be the new ‘cash crop’ for farmers, who at present would be eligible for any feed-in tariff payments, there is a shortage of ‘Brown Field’ sites.

The call comes amidst concerns that foreign investors won’t always be “sensitive to protecting our countryside”. A consequence that may face battles with local planning groups and residents alike.

Apparently, companies from Europe, China and Japan are inundating farmers with “lucrative rental deals” creating a “solar power gold rush”.

Whether you’re a farmer, land owner or interested in what happens to the countryside around you, I think you’ll find the full article interesting. Read it here.

photo credit: chris

One thought on “More Brown Field sites needed for solar”

  1. Great!..Interesting Details.Larger brown field sites that have been re-claimed from any number of previous uses could generate over a million pounds a year for landowners of all kinds but the investments are substantial, costing £14m per solar park to build..For more details visit solar energy…..

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