Microgeneration Certificatation Scheme see the positives for smaller installers

“think positive”

The MCS scheme community responded more positively than others in the solar industry, to the weeks earlier news of the feed-in tariff cuts.

In particular, the MCS community see’s the cuts as an opportunity for smaller solar installers to gain business as larger ‘free-installation’ companies cut back on investment and installations.

They also reckon falling installation costs – one of the reasons cited by the Government for feeling able to reduce the tariffs without damaging the number of installations to greatly – will open up the technology to more homeowners on a paid installation basis as opposed to those who were only able, previously, to consider a free installation contract.

The Green Deal will also stimulate solar installations when it starts next year and the Renewable Heat Incentives have also just been given the go-ahead, having cleared a European hurdle earlier this week.

Sounds like plenty of work for everyone doesn’t it?

photo credit: sh4rp_i

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