Micro-Renewable technologies for small & medium sized businesses to get funding

I was reading with interest over at Renewable Energy Focus about a new funding support centre in the North-East of England that will be offering small and medium sized enterprises (SME) technical advice and guidance to stimulate the interest and adoption of micro-renewable technologies.

“Micro-renewable technologies produce energy on a small scale, such as electricity capacity of less than 50 kW or heat capacity under 45 kWe. The support will cover wind turbines, solar electric, solar thermal, heat pumps, combined heat & power (cogeneration) and biomass systems.”

The service is being launched with the aid of £495,000 funding from the European Regional Development Fund with matching funds from One North East – a regional development agency.

The news comes as the renewable energies market looks towards the Governments introduction of Feed-In tariffs this April with further incentives for heat generation coming in 2011.

There’s lots more facts and figures with quotes from various development agencies on what exactly the support centre will be involved with and how they envisage their efforts contributing towards a 15% target by 2020.

Click here to read the full article at Renewable Energy Focus. If you’re a small or medium enterprise, this could be the help you’ve been looking for.

photo credit: david steadman

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