Long Beach embracing cyclists for busier shops

The Mayor of Long Beach, California, is behind moves to make Long Beach a mecca for Cyclists.

And as Grist.org reports, there’s more to it than just the benefits to individual health and traffic reduction. This time, the city’s shopping districts are being targeted to ‘feel the difference’.

The logic is sound – putting specific parking bays for cycles (one car bay can fit 12 bikes) around the shopping streets will encourage, those with more money to spend (because they’re not running cars), to browse and peruse shopping districts that previously, poor or non-existent parking meant they never visited.

So far, 130  miles of bike trails have been established including protected lanes (where lanes are divided from vehicle lanes by a solid barrier.

A lesson in high street re-generation for the beleaguered UK high street to follow?

photo credit: paul downey

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