Loft conversions top value-adding poll.

A survey by Halifax property valuers has revealed that loft conversions offer the best return in terms of adding value to your home.

Loft conversions were followed by extensions, whilst new kitchens, bathrooms and double glazing also featured highly.

Adding a driveway or off-road parking had jumped by 124%, adding an average of over £2,800 to a homes value compared with just over £1,200 in 2009.

The value of a home with a loft conversion increased by an average of just over £20,000.

However, the property giant warned homeowners to be on their guard and compare prices in their area if they were considering such improvements with a quick return in mind.

They should be taking overall average property prices into account in their area, as it may be unrealistic to expect a particular home improvement to increase the value so dramatically.

More room was most likely to attract buyers, particularly where an area had a lot of similar properties on the market.

The home improvements least likely to add any value to the property were re-decorating and new carpets/flooring.

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photo credit: les chatfield

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