Leaving your heating on 24/7 during Winter.

Everyone has a different opinion on whether it’s more economical to leave the heating on 24/7 during the winter as opposed to the usual 2 hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening.
The theory is that leaving your heating on all the time, means once the house is warm, it takes relatively little energy to keep it topped up. As opposed to the heating coming on full blast for a short spell in the morning and then having to re-heat the home from a cold start in the evening.
Some homeowners report massive savings with the 24/7 method, which they say allows them to run the heating at a lower temperature. It also cures many condensation problems, associated with the cold weather.
However, some report no difference and some even using more energy and higher bills.
Of course, it’s going to depend on lots of factors like the presence of double glazing or cavity wall insulation, draught exclusion fitted etc. There’s a general consensus that it isn’t cheaper to leave your heating on all day in an older, less insulated property.
One big clue may lie with the actual construction of different properties and why it suits some and not others. Certain building materials – stone / block act like storage heaters absorbing heat and retaining it whilst other materials lack this absorbing property.
Could this be why it works for some and not for others?
Let us know if you’ve tried the 24/7 heating on method and if it made a difference to your energy bills – good or bad.
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One thought on “Leaving your heating on 24/7 during Winter.”

  1. I'd be in favour of leaving the heating on 24/7, especially if you have underfloor heating. It takes a large amount of energy to heat a floor of concrete so if it remains warm, it takes very little to maintain that temperature. Also once the room is heated, ensure very little escapes by insulating wall well, at least double glase your windows and finally, install plantation shutters over

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