Last of the Summer’s energy price rises begins…

Perhaps the media was full of other stories (or I just missed it), but there seemed to be a distinct lack of fanfare to herald the last of the Summer’s announced energy price rises by the big six, which came into effect on the 10th November.

Easier Finance points out that with all the energy rises now in force, more homeowners than ever are facing difficult choices between eating or heating their homes.

“With the average household now facing an energy bill of £1,293 a year, the number living in fuel poverty has rocketed to an incredible 6.9 million.”

Their report goes on to say that figures suggest 9 in 10 households – 89% will ration their energy use to save money – that’s 16% more than last year.

Some 55%of households risked their health by going without heating at some point last Winter. A figure that looks set to rise.

Taking a few simple and cheap actions could make your home more comfortable – use draught sealing strips around doors and letterboxes. Hang thick curtains across draughty doors or single glazed windows.

Try not to heat rooms you’re not living in. Even wearing an extra layer of clothing e.g a jumper, will mean you can comfortably turn down your thermostat a degree or two and still feel warm.

photo credit: ns newsflash

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