Last installations on the 43p tariff take place

you haven’t missed the boat!

Bit of an ‘end of an era’ this week as the last PV solar panel installations take place across the UK, that will qualify for the pre 12th December tariff of 43p.

However, homeowners needn’t think they’ve missed the boat as reports reach us that Chinese manufacturing is forcing the prices of solar panels and inverters down.

Only a few months ago, we saw some solar companies offering 4kW systems at a then incredible price of £10,999.

With the new tariffs in mind and the fall in hardware prices, just last week we saw one company offering a 4kW system from £8,500.

What does this mean for the homeowner? Whether you’ve already gone ahead with an installation or you’re planning one in the New Year, the return on your investment, based on the current new tariffs should mean there’s still enough of a financial incentive to go ahead.

And prices may even fall further in the New Year.

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photo credit: simon clancy

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