Last Chance To Get One Over the Taxman

There’s still time, just about, to get your home improvements project planned, quoted and sorted before VAT rises. With the help of WindowQuoter, you can get a head start straight away.

On New Year’s Day, the Treasury will raise the basic rate of VAT back to 17.5%, from the 15% it has stayed at since November 2008.

Whilst the change in cost of small-to-medium purchases is going to be fairly small and unlikely to cause too much heartache, some home improvements can represent a large outlay, and you could save hundreds of pounds.

If you start your project today, your supplier can make savings on parts and materials – so you don’t necessarily have to have completed the entire project before New Year in order to reduce your costs significantly.

You’ll need to get moving quickly, though – and the quickest way to get started on your home improvement project is to get a quote from our network of Quoter websites.

Our sites will help you find guide prices on a wide range of projects, including for glazing, paving, fitted kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms or even larger projects such as garage conversions or loft conversions.

And after getting your guide price we offer to help you find three local suppliers from out trusted network to perform a site survey and give you a firm quotation – which will be valid for 6 months and comes with no obligation.
But don’t wait around – this really is your last chance to get a project completed before the new year comes in, bringing the new VAT rate with it. Give WindowQuoter a go today and start saving money straight away.

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