Lake District wind turbine planning refusal proves renewable is no guarantee

Just because it’s renewable doesn’t mean it will automatically get planning approval as West Coast Energy have discovered, following a Government ruling to uphold a local council’s decision to refuse permission for a wind farm on the edge of the Lake District.

The plan even attracted the likes of Sir Chris Bonington (who I saw speak once in an absolutely spell-binding presentation on some of his climbing expeditions, in the early ’80’s at a venue in Stevenage) who spoke up in defence of the “iconic” landscape not being developed.

According to the BBC website, the Eden Council Leader is quoted as saying “The council along with other public bodies recognise the need to develop renewable energy sources, but we also recognise the need to protect the unique character of our local landscapes for future generations.”

You can read the full article on the BBC website by clicking here.

photo credit: video4net

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