Lack of space the problem for most families

running out of room?

Not only are children living at home for longer, the present housing climate means that for many, their first-time property is shrinking in living space.

The result is parents are having to act like free storage depots, looking after everything from furniture to personal items like books and music.

If your home feels like it’s busting at the seams with family members and their belongings, then now might be a very good time to get a rough idea of cost for converting your garage or loft.

Because today’s housing climate means many would like to move for more space, but are unable to, creating more space out of what you already have is becoming increasingly common and it makes good financial sense too.

Add up all the costs of physically moving home – removals, solicitors, stamp duty, re-decoration etc and by the time you’ve factored in a higher mortgage payment, converting ‘dead space’ you already own becomes a very good investment indeed.

Not to mention the added value, the conversion will add to your property.

Because of the construction technique differences between converting your loft and garage, Home Improvement Quotes has two separate dedicated quoting websites – one for each project.

Both allow you to enter your location, approximate room sizes and specify extra’s like en-suites etc before giving you an instant online quote – no fuss, no pressure and no salesman.

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*this story first appeared in our weekly homeowner newsletter dated 14th June 2011. Click here to read the full home improvement quotes newsletter.

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One thought on “Lack of space the problem for most families”

  1. I am completely agree with you that the lack of space in the house is the biggest problem these days. In such conditions we have to take extra care of our children and our elderly members to get hit from some thing….

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