Keeping warm this Winter.

With dire weather warnings for the Winter ahead already making the headlines, regardless, it will be a worth-while exercise taking a few pre-winter precautions with your home’s heating and insulation.
If you haven’t already, then for those with a  central heating boiler, you should be booking an annual inspection now. You’ll benefit from a more fuel efficient boiler and potentially avoid any more serious breakdowns when Winter’s actually here.
Next, check out your home for draughts. A neat tip is to light an incense stick and watch for the smoke to shift. Large gaps in old window can be stuffed up or perhaps invest in some heavy curtains (don’t forget entrance doors) to keep the heat in and the draughts out. There’s stopping draughts and making your house air-tight. Be careful to leave some ventilation and install and check carbon monoxide alarms.
Talking of doors, draught-proofing strip is cheap and easy to apply.
For internal doors, if a rooms isn’t being used, then why not turn the heating down in that room? Keeping internal doors shut will keep the heat in the rooms rather than heat escaping into hallways nobodies ‘living’ in.
Dress warmly. No don’t go wearing winter coats and gloves inside – it’ll only make the outside seem colder should you have to venture out. But wearing layers of loose clothing will help trap heat around your body. Don’t go Phew! and take a jumper off – turn the thermostat down a degree or two instead. It will make a difference to your energy bills – even in a modern house.
And even if you’ve got fully fitted carpets, wearing warm socks and slippers around the home will certainly help you keep and feel warmer.
One word of caution regarding candles – it can be tempting to use them for a little ambient warmth but take special care not to leave any unattended. Extinguish all candles before going to bed. 
photo credit: andrew vargas

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