Jerusalem Nanotechnology discovery could mean self cleaning solar panels

From the Jerusalem Post (18 oct 09):

“Self-cleaning skyscraper and car windows and solar panels that repel water and dirt, as well as high-power rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles could be some of the major applications of a Tel Aviv University nanotechnology discovery announced on Sunday evening.

Solar energy panels made of glass, whose efficiency is greatly reduced by dust because the solar radiation has to filter through, could repel dust if made of ordinary glass with the nanotech coating.

Solar-energy “farms” in the desert where there is no rain would be able to repel dust to increase efficiency. If they need to be perfectly clean, a small spray of water on the glass could remove the dirt completely without anyone cleaning them, said Lihi Adler-Abramovich”

Read more about the Tel Aviv University’s discovery in the Jerusalem Post – click here.

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photo credit: picken

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